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Welcome to My Hiking website!

One of my favorite past times is hiking up along the ridge lines and summit trails.  It's so nice and peaceful up there away from the traffic and noise.  I enjoy the remoteness and seeing all the native flora.  It even prompted me to go out and buy some O'hia Lehua saplings to plant in my back yard!   I also work as a  docent with The Nature Conservancy.  We lead hikes within the Honouliuli Preserve along the Palikea and Honouliuli Contour trails  My first hike was Wiliwili Nui which is probably one of the easiest hikes that take you to the Koolau summit.  A good book for Oahu hikes that I use is Stuart Ball's, The Hiker's Guide ot O'ahu.  If anybody has any recommendations or advice, please drop me an email!

The pictures on the site were taken with my Olympus D-320L digital camera.  It was a high end camera when I got it back in Nov '97, but now it just gets blown.  The compression is too high for my liking.  If your interested in digital cameras, check out Steve's Digicams

New stuff.....

My snowboarding site is back in business!  Bacheor in December, Sun Valley in February, Irwin Lodge, Colorado in March, New Zealand this summer???

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