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Aina Haina view.jpg (62267 bytes)
Aina Haina valley

Peak to Makai.jpg (38449 bytes)
Leeward view

Peak to Olomana.jpg (68148 bytes)
Windward view

Top of the World.jpg (40906 bytes)
Leeward view from top

You can see this ridge from almost anywhere on the east side of Honolulu.  It's distinguished by the huge microwave tower just before the summit.   This is a really nice and short hike.  Have done this the most of all my hikes.  Plus my boss lives at the end of the road before the trailhead so it's also a good starting/ending point to traverse the summit!  Just head up Laukahi to the very end and turn left and follow that street to the very end and there you are!  You do need to check in at that guard station, but it's just a formality.

The trail starts with a somewhat long dirt path wide enough for a truck to drive through.  This area is pretty hot and dry with tons of the yellow strawberry guavas along the trail sides.   The wide path ends at a grassy area which even has a bike rack!  From there you climb some cut-out steps and suddenly you're walking along abundant native flora!

There are some ups and downs but nothing taxing.  The climb before the summit is also not very bad, but it is quite eroded.  There are some ropes to help you along if needed.  There's a huge grassy area at the top to eat your lunch, even has a lawn chair so you don't have to get your butt wet.

Date:  May/June/July, 1998
Time Duration:  2.5hours
Difficulty:  Green
Danger: Green

Notes:  I'd say this is definately both the easiest and shortest hike to the Koolau summit.  At a decent pace you can get down off the top in about an hour!   Plus the parking area is probably the safest aside from Hawaii Loa ridge.   Only drawback I can think of is that certain areas on the lower sections are quite muddy and never seem to dry out.