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tripler ridge 4.jpg (32409 bytes)
tripler ridge

sun peaks through.jpg (28530 bytes)
sun peaks through

ridge tower.jpg (18885 bytes)
ominous tower

downward to fsummit 2.jpg (52898 bytes)
view down towards false summit

pine hill 2.jpg (37761 bytes)
two-pine nob from above

We probably should not have done this hike this day because there were threatening rain clouds before we even got there, but we figured...too bad!   Let me tell you, this is one bear of a hike!  It kicks off in the housing aread behind Tripler Hospital and heads up a long paved road that seems to go on forever (seems even twice as long coming back down!)  The first goal is to obtain the nob with the two giant norfolk pines.  There's also a huge koa tree if you check it out with your binoculars!  I consider this the start of our actual hike.  Everything before it was "paying your dues"

At the pine tree nob, head right, down and around to re-obtain the ridge.  You then push your way through an endless stand of overgrown strawberry guava trees.  At times the path is almost closed off because the branches have overgrown the trail so badly.  Not only that but with the rain coming down, the leaves were all wet and this got my pants wet, whick leaked down into my damn shoes!

Ah, but once you break out of the strawberry guava trees it's all worth it!  There are several decent sized hills that you must climb along the way, especially that 'false summit' at the end; but I'd just stop and the plateaus on each top and breathe in the beauty of my surroundings to give me strength to carry on!

The top was socked in when I got there and it was a bit eerie because I was all alone, first time in the clouds on the top of the Koolaus, with these huge power-line towers off to the side!  Have to come back when it's clear!

Date:  June 7, 1998
Time Duration:  7hours
Difficulty:  Blue
Danger: Green

Notes:  This is one long hike, especially coming back!  it seems to last forever!  Have to be in decent shape, but it is definatly worth it!  I couldn't even see jack from the top and it was still worth it!  We even got to see an apapane along the way.