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pu'u piei


kahana bay 3.jpg (31764 bytes)
Kahana Bay from WAY up

pu'u manamana 3.jpg (42736 bytes)
Pu'u Manamana across the valley

pu'u ohulehule.jpg (30081 bytes)
Ominous Pu'u Ohulehule

pu'u piei.jpg (29291 bytes)
Pu'u Piei

Pu'u Pi'ei is the highest peak on the mountain on the north side of Kahana Bay.  You can park either at Kahana Park or at Kahana Beach Park, probably even at the boat ramp, which although probably safer might get you in trouble.   Directly across the boat ramp is the trailhead, right next to a drainage ditch.   There's a well defined path that does a couple switch backs up the mountain a bit.

The thing to remember is to not stray from the path just yet!  Continue to follow the most pronounced trail contouring the mountain.  You will pass an ancient fish shrine on your right.  Continue on the trail following the railings until you cross a stream bed.  At this point, take the right path, straight ahead.  After a short distance you'll hit the ridge and from there you can't go astray!

The beginning of the ridge is quite steep and also in the hot sun.  But pretty soon you hit the hala trees and from there you're in the shade all the way to the top of the ridge!  The climb is pretty steep all the way and gets even steeper until the final long climb to the summit ridge.  From there you turn left and take a couple ups and downs to the peak.  At the top I went as far inland as I could, clearing christmas berry until it got just too overgrown.  What you need to clear this trail is a light saber!

Date:  October, 1998
Time Duration:  3hours
Difficulty:  Blue
Danger: Blue

Notes:  You need to be in good shape for this hike because there are some pretty steep climbs!  There are rope sections at the top and if it rains, you definately will need them unless you intend to slide back down.  This hike is more of a challenge because the views are mostly obsured by the hala trees on the way up and by the christmas berry along the summit.

The other thing I noticed was there are TONS of ants!  You can't really stop to rest on the way up because you'll be swarmed!  They are literally everywhere!