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puu kalena


pu'u kalena.jpg (47536 bytes)
Pu'u Kalena

thin ridge.jpg (67732 bytes)
Thin ridge

pu'u hapapa.jpg (41472 bytes)
Waianae Peaks

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Heading down

This hike starts somewhere near the Kolekole pass.   That's because I really don't know where we were supposed to begin!  We got lost for about the first half hour, just wandering through strawberry guava and xmas berry, following ribbons that I insist were put there just to lead you to dead ends and piss you off.  I would say the easiest is to just walk up the rock quarry!   Eventually, you end up switching back up the quarry road.

The first part of the hike was pretty boring, but once we hit the became one of my favorite hikes!  The views are incredible!  Looking back towards town you can see all the Koolaus, looking west is Pu'u Kalena and Mt Kaala, looking back from where you came you can see Pu'u Hapapa, Kanehoa, Kaua, and Palikea!

This hike really fooled us though, I kept thinking, "Hey, we're almost there!"  But I was so far from it!  We went up and down, up and down and then way up...then way down, then way up again!  I would say that this hike is definately worth it though.  The views are so nice and the ridge is really nice too!   Just when I got to the top it started to cloud up.  It was really cool because the clouds were like right above my head, making it seem like there was a roof above all the mountains!

Back down was definately a chore, especially because we figured that we didn't come up the correct way so let's try a different way.  We ended up scaling down through the rock quarry.  Probably faster because it was steeper, but all these damn little rocks kept getting in my shoes!

Date:  October 25, 1998
Time Duration:  5 hours
Difficulty:  Black
Danger: Blue/Black

Notes:  Going up I kept thinking, this is a really nice short hike, but it never seemed to end!  There are so many ups and downs and some really big ones too!   Then when you turnaround and head back, you just die!  Coming off Pu'u Kalena peak all I could think of all the way back was drinking a super-sized rootbeer from McDonalds!  Seriously!!  Although probably the nicest hike I've so far done, it's definately the most brutal!  My legs were so tired!

Probably if we had more time it would have been better, but we found the trail at about 11:30 and I was worried there wouldn't be enough time so we had to jam a bit.   There's some neat thin ridges at the earlier part, then some really eroded sections towards the end.  Wear long pants and gloves because the climb up Pu'u Kalena has tons of blackberries.  I tried to clear them, but there were just too much!