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pu'u manamana


Jim climbing up2.jpg (79300 bytes)
Jim climbing up

Jim climbing down.jpg (47446 bytes)
Jim climbing down

Inner Valley.jpg (37501 bytes)
Lush upper valley

Puu Piei3.jpg (29689 bytes)
Pu'u Pie'i

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We took the H3 through Kaneohe and headed on towards Kahana Bay.  I forgot my "Hiker's Guide to Oahu" in my trunk so we had to stop along the way and for a second my car thought about dying for us but luckily he decided to start up again!  After turning into the Bay, we parked in the gravel area on the right just after the bus stop, just before the bridge.  We then walked back along the road from the direction we came until reaching the trail a little after rounding out of the bay.

The initial climb was rather brutal and by the time we ascended to the open ridge we were pretty winded.  But I had an early dinner to go to so we could only stop to gather our breath, then on we went!  Once we passed the Crouching Lion, the ridge hike became nice and open.  There were a few places where you had to climb but nothing that bad.

Ascending into the rain forest the view became quite obscured and we found ourselves just trudging along the muddy trail with occasional views off either side of the ridge.   There was quite a bit of moisture on the leaves so we got pretty soaked walking through them.  Then before we knew it, we were at Turnover!  Pretty anticlimatic if you ask me.  It was like we're hiking along and then suddenly the defined trial ends!  If there was more time it would have been fun to press on, but not today.

Heading back down the return trail was also pretty uneventful.  And if we thought it was muddy coming up...  It was like Konahuanui all over again.  Trying to avoid the mud holes several inches deep, then eventually deciding to just walk right through them!  We made good time on the way back so we stopped for a snack along the ridge surrounded by octopus trees.  Afterward it was just a quick descent through some hala, then through the old graveyard and onto the road back to the car!

Date:  December 19, 1998
Time Duration:  4.5 hours
Difficulty:  Black
Danger: Blue

Notes:  You've got to be in pretty good shape for that first climb, but once you attain the initial peak (near Crouching Lion), it isn't so bad.  The next section is a nice hike with really nice views of Kahana Bay and the surrounding area.  There are a couple sections where you have to climb up some small rock faces which I like because it gives my legs a chance to rest a bit.  Once you enter the trees, it gets pretty boring.

I don't know if this hike every dries out because Kahana Valley is usually quite wet, so be prepared for mud, especially on the return portion into the valley