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lanipo to wiliwilinui


mau'umae ridge.jpg (29298 bytes)
Mau'umae ridge

ka'au crater 1.jpg (50108 bytes)
Ka'au Crater

lanipo.jpg (26155 bytes)
Pu'u Lanipo

olomana 2.jpg (33493 bytes)

koolau east cliffs.jpg (40526 bytes)
Koolau east cliffs


Lanipo...finally had my fill of this hike.  Might do it again someday but probably not in the near future.  First time we got drenched!   Second time the top was totally socked in and windy.  The third time I got the meanest sunburnt lips!  Kept me out of the sun for over a week!

This hike starts at the very top loop above Sierra Drive.  It starts of with a two rocky sections (which is a terror to climb back up), then I think four more hills.  Can't really remember if it was three or four.  I was counting but got lost my train of thought (damn!)   Anyway, this lower section is pretty brutal if done in peak sunlight.  Or I'd imagine it is anyway since I have never done it during that time.  Once you get out of the lower sections it gets nice and lush.  At about the half way point you can see Ka'au Crater on your left.  From there the ridge walking is invigorating!  You can see Konahuanui, Olympus and Palikea on your left, and Pu'u Lanipo, Wiliwili Nui, Waialae Nui and Hawaii Loa ridges on your right.

Once you get to the top you're looking almost straight down at Olomana.  Head right along the summit about a half mile to Pu'u Lanipo.  There are a couple steep peaks with dropoffs along the way but not too bad.  From Lanipo we stopped to enjoy the view then heading on to the top of Waialae Nui ridge.  This is a nice strawberry guava forested peak with an overgrown grassy area facing windward.  Next was on to Wiliwili Nui ridge.  The slope down from Waialae Nui is probably the most dangerous of this ridge section that we traversed.  It's somewhat steep and bare and a slip could very well send you down to the Koolau foothill the quick way.

Right after the climb down from Waialae Nui ridge you come across several utility poles lining the summit.  The views eastware of the Windward side from that section are really nice!  From there it's up to Wiliwili Nui!  We then blitzed it down to the parking area in about an hour.

Date:  August 1, 1998
Time Duration:  6.5hours (with lengthy stops along the way)
Difficulty:  Blue
Danger: Blue (along the summit)

Notes:  This hike with the summit walk is really nice!  You can park one car at the Wiliwili Nui trailhead and start off at the Lanipo trailhead.  Start early to beat the heat, plus you don't have to come back down that way!  Once you're done with the summit walk it's just a really short trip down Wiliwili Nui!

There are some very steep sections along the summit so use caution, especially coming down the Waialae Nui peak