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konahuanui 1.jpg (53323 bytes)
Konahuanui from Nuuanu lookout

lanihuli 3.jpg (35256 bytes)
Lanihuli across the valley

windward koolaus 1.jpg (28380 bytes)
East Koolau summits

pali lookout.jpg (44381 bytes)
'Pali Lookout' Lookout

misty konahuanui.jpg (38029 bytes)
Misty Konahuanui


Pu'u Konahuanui is the tallest peak in the Koolau range, piercing the clouds at 3150'.  For some strange reason, I see it clear during most weekdays but you can bet that when the weekend rolls around the peak will be shut out.   The first time I did this hike was with the HTMC when we crossed the summit and went down Mt Olympus to Kolowalu.  Incredible views!!  This time it was just up to the top and back down the way we came.

We started the hike from Paradise Park and heading left at the sign just after the stairs at the start of the Manoa Falls trail.   We linked up with Ahuilama and then Pauoa flats up to the Nuuanu overlook.   From here if you look to the left of the pali, you can see your destination!   It's here that the real hiking begins!  You break out into native vegetation and do a few ups and downs before hitting some steep climbs.  I found that if I keep looking around at the increasingly fantastic views, the climb goes a lot faster and before you know it, you're at the top of peak 1!

It was really muddy and stagnant up there but we trudged on, clearing away a lot of clidemia and those pokey grass (the ones with the fine needles that make you itch for days).  I think it must have taken us an hour to reach peak 2, but we were doing our best to clear out the alien and leave the natives.

When we finally got to the top of peak 2, it was mostly cloudy but it would clear up enough so that we could see through the clouds for brief minutes.  Well worth the trip.  At least until we started heading back down.  Somewhere along the way my right knee started to give way and became increasingly more sore all the way down.   By the time we were out I could barely walk!  I thought it might have been ligament damage but I'm happy to say that it seems to be getting much better!  Give it a weekend off and I'll be ready to go again!

Date:  September 13, 1998
Time Duration:  6.5hours (4 up, 2.5 down)
Difficulty:  Blue
Danger: Blue

Notes:  The uluhe is somewhat overgrown in the middle sections and the top was pretty bad.  Definately wear long pants and bring gloves or you'll be itchy for days!   The climb before the top is a bit tiring but there are lots of views to distract suppress any regrets.  Once you get to the top, the views are incredible and just being up there is a rush!  Much more than Kaala because you're actually sitting atop a peak!  I think it actually could be done it in about 4.5 to 5hours because we were clearing up and I was limping down.