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Pu'u Ohulehule2.jpg (27365 bytes)
Pu'u Ohulehule

Kahana Bay2.jpg (33756 bytes)
Kahana Bay

Crest ridge.jpg (34574 bytes)
Crest ridgeline

8/29/98 - As you drive around Kahana Bay coming from Kaneohe, this peak is the second from the ocean on the mountain on the far side of the bay.  You can park at the Kahana Bay State Park, although the area does seem a bit sketchy to leave your car.  Head left along Kam Hwy towards the boat dock.  The trail starts across the road.  Once you're in the guinea grass, the trail to Pu'u Piei was very hard to follow and that resulted us climbing to Kilo instead!  ...the very first time that I actually needed those directions!

The trail leads you through lots of dry grass and dirt areas.  There were areas where the erosion was very bad and without much plant covering I kept slipping back down the mountain!  Anyway, after working our way up for about a half mile we finally obtained the ridge.  From there is was pretty easy going with a steady climb.  Near the top there are several sections where you need to climb up rock faces of about 8 feet.

Once we got to the top we had incredible views of Kahana Bay, Pu'u Manamana across the Bay, Pu'u Ohulehule inside the valley and...of course, our original destination, Pu'u Piei, about a half mile along the ridge!  The crest actually looks doable...but it looks like a lot of work because there was no trail and there's some pretty hairy sections.

Date:  August, 1998
Time Duration:  3hours
Difficulty:  Green
Danger: Blue

Notes:  You need to be in not bad shape because the climb is a bit inclined, but the thing I felt most difficult about this hike was that it was so damn hot!  It's was very dry and the footing was pretty bad at places.  There are a couple places with somewhat steep drop offs and the rocks are sometimes loose, especially where you're climbing so just need to be cautious.  It took us a little longer because we didn't know where we were going and didn't know how to get back!  One thing to remember is to keep an eye on the ridge you want (the second one in), although the views from the top of this ridge were very eye-pleasing still!