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ka'au crater


waterfall 1a.jpg (89298 bytes)
1st waterfall

waterfall 2b.jpg (87070 bytes)
2nd waterfall

waterfall 3b.jpg (104831 bytes)
3rd waterfall

ka'au crater 1.jpg (46311 bytes)
Ka'au Crater

ka'au crater 2.jpg (49122 bytes)

the gang.jpg (52429 bytes)
the gang!


This hike starts way in the back of Palolo Valley.  The road is called Waiamao or something like that.  There's a small area that can fit maybe 5 cars just before a private road that leads to the fenced off area which is the start of the hike.

This is actually the first hike that I did with my friends.   Before this were all organized hikes.  Most of the hike is following the stream via switchbacks and climbing waterfalls.  The first waterfall is the nicest, this one you climb around on the right.  When you get to the top you have a choice of either wading through a pool or making your way around a boulder across a slippery section right on the edge of the waterfall.  Of course nobody wants to get their feet wet so we took the slippery section.  This is probably the most dangerous section of the hike.  You die.  After we got across we turned around to see a plaque in memory of an unfortunate person who probably did not make the crossing.

The second waterfall is also a nice kodak moment, that one you climb along side it on the left with the help of some ropes.  The third waterfall is less steep but very long with no ropes.  Should I have slipped, I could see myself tumbling down it bouncing around like a tennis ball.  Right after the top of the third waterfall you reach the crater opening!  From here you can either head right and up to Palikea or left for a quick view overlooking the crater.  Short on time today we chose the left route.  I'd imagine the hike around the crater must be incredible!  Today the crater is all marshland, but I wonder if it was actually ever a lake?  That would be cool!

Date:  May 25, 1998
Time Duration:  3hours?
Difficulty:  Green
Danger: Blue (along the waterfalls)

Notes:  I'd like to do this hike again on a clear day when we don't get dumped on!

The bottom picture are some of the people I go hiking with.  (l-r) Dave's friend1, Dave, Pam, Randall, Dave's friend2, & Me