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hawaii loa


Toward the Destination.jpg (37864 bytes)
The ridge up

Koa grove.jpg (88513 bytes)
koa grove

Diamond Head.jpg (29736 bytes)
leeward view

Olomana.jpg (32850 bytes)

Windward Koolaus.jpg (37706 bytes)
East koolau cliffs

The Hawaii Loa ridge hike is the most classy hike I've ever been on!  To start, it's on the top of Hawaii Loa ridge!  You can even take your Mercedes Benz hiking and not worry about it being messed with!  The trailhead is a nice and very well kept park above the million dollar homes.  They even have a large boot-brush mat to clean your boots!

As for this being a hike for rich people though, they have to be in-shape rich people!  The hike starts with numerous hills populated with endless stands of strawberry guava trees.  It seems like you're in those forever but when you eventually hit the open ridge, it's well worth the pain early on.

Once you break out into the open, the rest is a breeze.  There are a few steep inclines but there are stairs put in all those sections.  The view from the top is similar to that of Wiliwili Nui only it's not as nice a place to have a seat and enjoy your lunch.  It's pretty overgrown, but seems like people have been starting to clear a lot of it away.  From the top you can head left for a short jaunt to Wiliwili Nui, or head right for a somewhat longer summit walk to Pu'u O'kona (a few more steep sections).  We headed left for awhile until it got a bit too overgrown.  Still, these summit walks are really cool without being dangerous.

Date:  June, 1998
Time Duration:  3hours
Difficulty:  Blue (those initial hills are killer!)
Danger: Green

Notes:  The first part of this hike is brutal!  As far as I remember, it was just as bad if not worse than the beginning section of Lanipo!  I guess especially since I like to power through steep uphill sections, I was hurting by the time we got back!